I have been in the real estate development/investment business over 51 years and have done hundreds of millions of dollars of business with several Phoenix commercial real estate companies. I have been an investor/partner with Gil for over 10 years in a number of retail developments in the Phoenix metro areas. These projects have all been successful due to Gil’s expertise, hard work, tenacity and his integrity thus bringing a significant return on investment to the partnership. Gil has a broad range of experience in all phases of development and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a highly skilled hard working development partner.

Ron Tate

President, Tate Diversified Developments

I have been active in in investing in retail projects in Arizona with Gil for over 10 years. These projects have a value of in excess of $15 million. Gil has been the working partner and has had the experience and expertise to complete these complex developments successfully bringing a solid return on investment.

Dave Lazares

President, Lazares Companies

I have known Gil Young for over 10 years I have been his attorney on multiple real estate development projects and other transactions. He has been consistently ethical, knowledgeable, hardworking and reliable. He has treated me and others involved in his projects with dignity and respect. To my knowledge, no one has asserted any claims against him and his projects have all been successful.

Jeff Erhart

Phoenix real estate attorney

I have worked with Gil Young (Gary Kimmel) for over 10 years primarily as the listing agent on his (their) properties in the Phoenix Metro area. I have always admired your development skills and your ability to underwrite the site and the market and to quickly execute your plan. You have been hardworking, honest and always displayed the highest professional behavior in our dealings.

You have also exhibited patience and diligence in bringing complex projects to a successful conclusion while working with people with differing individual objectives. It has been both a personal and professional pleasure working with you and I hope we can do many more deals together.

Cam Stanton

First Vice President , CBRE, Phoenix, AZ